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Didn’t think we’d get left out did you? Oh no, arriving in my inbox last night was this little beauty:

The Crimea – Loop A Loop (Num’s Dark Disco Remix)

Think Crimea vs Gnarls Barkley, and it’s available free and exclusively to immortalsoon readers forever more. Now I must go update the original Loop release post as a couple more remixes have materialized overnight.

Exclusive B Sides!

Well there’s another suprise – apparently there’s three two B-sides for the single out there, each available exclusively on a single blog. I’ve only found one so far, but I’ll also update this as more are discovered…

Faronheit feature Stoned, a history on the band and more indepth music reviews. EDIT: OMFreakinG it’s actually Down On The Farm, one of the greatest Crimea tunes ever! And it’s not changed one bit from the original demo. God bless the man with the sense to do that.

Nothing But Green Lights have the second one; Can’t Forget You Girl features a very familiar melody…

Loop A Loop Release

For the first time in i-dunno-how-many years, The Crimea have a new and unique single release! Unique in more ways that one, as it’s not your normal trip-to-HMV gig; the band are continuing their trend setting release tactics by making the single available not only for free but from a multitude of various sources in a number of different guises.

I’m not sure of the exact count – some say 16, others 12, I’m guessing around 10 – but a number of different remixes of the single will be available exclusively from various blogs around t’net this week. The official website has the full lowdown, though you may have to wait a little for them all to appear (mine’s still on the way ;o), but here’s a few to get you started:Loop A Loop

The original radio edit is available at on the Trident Gum website and is also featured as the soundtrack to their new advert, as seen on TV right now or also their website.

Indie MP3 feature a Ricardo Autobahn Vocal Remix and various indie pop music reviews.

Get Weird feature the funky Rex Kwondo Remix and a wonderful day-glow skin.

Hits In The Car have the “laid back” The Brute Chorus Remix and other music news.

Galaxy FM feature the Black Litter Baby remix and some, err, european stylings.

Instrumental Analysis feature the reggae Rood-ID Dub A Loop Remix and plenty of other band profiles.

Akira The Don’s Akira The Don remix is available on Akira The Don’s blog and his All Star Akira The Don 15 mixtape which can be purchased for about £5 via the Akira The Don MySpace page. I’ll stop saying Akira The Don now.

Badminton Stamps have the Beatcave Remix and plenty of Philly attitude.

Borderline, 22nd Feb

Just a quick note to mention an upcoming London gig — details can be found on the official site.

Ho ho… who?

It is I… ah who cares. Sorry I’ve been away so long; too busy hacking Xboxes, wireless hotspots & scart cables, playing video games, taking apart PCs and promptly putting them back together again (just like oversized novelty eggs), and trying to figure out the many technicalities of the UK’s video broadcasting and playback systems. Anyway, you don’t care about that do you? Crimea!

Well keep your eyes glued to the adverts for once and look out for a certain Trident Gum advert. Damn fools gone loop a loop… for the nation… erm…

And check out starting tomorrow (well, technically, today) for more freebies. Damn world gone loop loop a loop a loo… And I do promise to fix up the site soon…netime. My mind just wanders…