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Two More US Shows Announced – L.A.

Proving once again that I sadly reside in “fly-over country”, the Crimea have announced two shows on the west coast.

July 16th – Tangier (2138 Hilhurst Avenue ,between Los Feliz & Ambrose; Los Angeles 90027) Show starts at 8.30pm

July 17th – Silverlake (4019 Sunset Blvd & Parkman Avenue, Silverlake, CA ). Show starts at 9pm.

And omg — just learned that Silverlake is the home of infamous DJ Lance Rock who is recently of Yo Gabba Gabba fame…one of the absolute coolest shows ever to be on TV. Period. Get us an autograph, will ya boys?

The Playground at Proud – 08.06.08

Playground at the Park“You gotta dig a gig that is not only FREE but also describes Davey as ‘a living legend’. Hey, they certainly get it.

The Playground is a series of shows at the Proud Gallery in Camden described as “an afternoon session with the cream of London’s Acoustic talent and rock burlesque show evolving into a full blown indie electro-riot as the sun sets and the horses go to sleep.”

Davey treats us to one of his famous Sunday solo performances in the ‘Acoustic Afternoon’ session. The event kicks off at 2pm , D goes on at 4pm…For more info, here is The Playground Press Release

Interviews, street teams, podcasts

Well, while some of us may have been engaging in too much drink or having BBQs in the rain over the Bank Holiday weekend, Davey slogged on with a show at Two Floors on Sunday followed by the Rob da Bank appearance in the small hours of Tuesday morning. In case you didn’t stay up for it, the radio appearance will be on Rob’s webpage for one more week. Rumor has it that Christopher has a digital recording of Davey’s performance. Maybe if he is merciful, kind, and loving he would consider SHARING them with us HERE at HIS website.

Really, Christopher. Is this what it’s come to? I have to beg…on your own site?

Moving on – new interview new interview new interview here from It’s another interview before this peculiar Rage Into Spring show in Shoreditch that none of us seemed to know a stinking thing about. Well, a little light was shed on this. Rage gigs– you have to be a member of their thing/club/whatever,  and you get priority invites to their shindigs and tix at a discounted rate. So our  collective worries that we had suddenly becomel so frightfully uncool that The Crimea didn’t want us turning up at their shows…just a load of rubbish, really.

My exclusive reign as the only person on this side of the Atlantic who had ever known the glory of well-penned Davey Macmanus lyric has, fortunately, come to a resounding end. My fellow residents of the North American continent, now is the time to step up and do some PR gunslinging on behalf of The Crimea by joining the US Street Team. Come on…it’s gonna be fun. And there are all sorts of grand perks like free entry into Crimea gigs. Find out more by e-mailing Martin at

Last but not least -Davey and The Crimea turn up on the latest Tripwire Podcast (that’s #037 if you’re keeping score) in the form of the now-infamous mash up “Always on My Mind” and “Loop-A-Loop”. Thanks to Tripwire for giving them the Pole Position in the podcast.

Mailing List

Mailing ListWay out where the ocean meets oblivion…?
Note that by 26th they mean very late night Sunday (25th), or very early morning 26th.

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Davey and Joe go acoustic this Sunday

A bit of mandolin on a Sunday evening…seriously, how can you go wrong? The late great John Dowland will certainly be smiling (ok, so he was a lute player…whatever. I just like to give the old boy a plug whenever I can).

Davey and Joe will be joining The Big Sur Sunday Sessions this Sunday, 25 May. Catch it at Two Floors in Soho, London W1 (Kingly Street off Carnaby). It all kicks off at 3pm and goes all the way to…what! 1am?!!? Sorry – just reading the details for the first time myself. That’s a pretty big chunk of time…will see if I can find out what time Davey and Joe take the stage.

If you’re on Facebook, you can check out The Big Sur Sunday Sessions events page here and RSVP.

UPDATEJ&D go on at 9pm.   But if you’re one of the first 50 people at the venue when the whole shin-dig kicks off, you will get a **free drink.**

Don’t Panic interviews The Crimea

Don't has posted an interview they did with Joe and Owen right before the Shoreditch show. Hoovers, whiteys, explanations of the business model…yes sir, defintely a little something for everyone. Check it out…

Mash up to the Masses…

Colin MurrayIn case you missed it, Colin Murray featured the mash-up known as Crimea vs. Elvis on his Black Hole program Tuesday night. If you missed it, just click here and listen to it again. But the radio goodness does not stop there…Mr. Murray said he will play the new Crimea single on Thursday night’s show. Not sure if the new single he’s referring to is 48a Waiting Steps or You Never Smile for the Camera…it’s all gone a bit confusing with singles being released from SOTWH and new demos for the 3rd album being introduced. Sounds like a good enough reason to start entering wagers, everyone ante up and place your bets. I’m leaning towards 48a, which should be your cue to place your bet on the other song because I’ve been getting everything wrong lately.

And if for some reason you haven’t heard Crimea vs. Elvis, you can listen to it at The Crimea’s MySpace page. It’s a lovely blend of Always on my Mind and The Crimea’s The Great Unknown. Your auditory pathways should find it most agreeable.

New Shows on both sides of the Pond

I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned a few posts back that a brilliant summer campaign was about to get underway. Check out The Crimea’s MySpace page for a list of new shows slated for the summer, including four dates in New York and one in Boston.

Competition time with XFM

You can win tickets for the Enterprise show tonight (14 May) from Xfm…that’s all Davey said…you’re all on your own, best of luck…I’m sodding jealous of you if you get to go…

But this link may (or may not) be helpful.


XFM Radio Session

XFMThanks be to Andy for passing along this link to the Crimea Xfm’s Radio session in April. Unfortunately they don’t have the session in its entirety, but you can listen to them perform Lottery Winners on Acid, Loop a Loop, and The Psychologist (a/k/a I know how to make you laugh).

Now here’s some salt for that wound…

Ok, it’s obvious a fair few of you are a bit gutted that you didn’t find out about Friday’s last minute gig until it was too late. Well Davey sent over a recap of the night –

Joe performed as Jose Blase
He played 2 of his own songs:
-half left (the last time I played this was in leicester at the charlotte and someone filmed it – see youtube)
-somewhere to live
and 1 cover:
-the bad touch by the bloodhound gang which went down pretty well and everyone sang along

davey played as davey macmanus
the only living boy and girl
how to make you laugh
blue dog (ive stuck an old live version up on myspace/crocketts)

amazing night, great gig etc. good to be able to smoke in a pub.

Truly Last Minute Annoucement –

Joe and Davey will be playing TONIGHT (as in Friday 09 May) at 71 Great Titchfield Street, London. (It’s a speakeasy kinda joint) Troubadour Joze Blaze will serenade you starting at 1:00am, Mr. Macmanus at 1:30am. OK, technically that’s Saturday morning. Bring your PJs, it’s an all nighter…

Skinny Wirey James Deanesque Brain Robbers

The Crocketts

Wow. Talk about a surprise. Davey and Owen are updating the Crocketts MySpace page.

Videos are on the way, oh yes. A band history written by Davey and Owen is also on the way, oh yes. Let’s hope Owen types that out because Davey’s keyboarding efforts…erm…well, sometimes they require a decoder ring to crack.

Live versions of Bluster Boy, Frog on a Stick and Ring of Fire are already available on the Player, along with the infamous Will You Still Care and 1939 Returning. All charming offerings sure to delight one and all.

And everyone start planning your trip to Valhalla in 2010. Ooo got you excited now, didn’t I? ;)

Christopher – You know what this means Hol don’t ya? Some bastard had a whole live show recording they never told me about! Humph. Well this post should be resigned to the Crocketts site ( ) but as Hol don’t know what she’s doing and no one visits the place anymore… It’ll stay here til you all know where to go for crox news :o )

New Shows, live Internet Radio Session

Get out your calendar and start requesting time off from work…new Crimea shows and events are being announced.

Rob Da BankDavey will be doing – and I quote – “an acoustic type thing” on BBC Radio 1′s Rob da Bank & Friends show on 26 May. Sorry to all of you who live in the GMT zone because I just noticed that Davey’s time slot is somewhere between 2 am and 4 am. Meanwhile, those of us on this side of the Atlantic will be enjoying his acoustic handiwork at far more reasonable hour (9pm Eastern/ 8pm CST / 7pm Mtn / 6pm Pacific) Listen to it online here. This is part of Rob’s “Campfire Special” and will also include some live tunes by Adem, Johnny Flynn, Jose Vanders, and Noah (from Noah & the Whale).

Keeping on the acoustic note: Davey will be heading back to his old stomping grounds of Aberstwyth to perform at the ‘castle rock‘ on the seaside. This is a free show…what an incredible setting…if no one gets photos or audio of this event then there will be trouble. Hear me? Trouble! Show starts at 8pm.

Summer festivals are just around the corner – The Crimea will be performing a full band set on 27 July at The Square Festival in Borth. (I believe Borth is slightly north of Aberstwyth.) If rumors be true, you get a discount to something called an Animalarium when you buy festival tickets. Let your imagination run wild with trying to figure out exactly what an Animalarium is. It sounds like an evil zoo [ED: surprisingly accurate description]…like lions and birds and kangaroos are held in a giant tank together to let Darwin and the food chain work their magic. Sounds like a lovely day out! Take your kids!

Reminder reminder reminder – Enterprise residency shows continue..tix are only £6, come on, what can you get for that pittance these days? Mark your calendars if you haven’t already done so – remaining dates are 14 May, 28 May, 09 Jun…all shows start at 8pm. Buy your tickets at And for more info on all future shows and festival appearances just check out the gigs page above (yes, it works again) or the events page from which the listings are taken.

Lastly – quick thank you to Christopher for letting me guest blog at this site. If you haven’t checked out the Archives section of this website then you should reserve an evening and treat yourself. I did such a thing last Friday evening and it made for a crackin’ bit of reading as I enjoyed several glasses of rum & diet coke.. Christopher, hopefully this post came out better than the last one, but the paragraph formating codes are not playing nice so I apologize if you need to come in and tidy up again.

Showin’ some love…

If things have seemed all too quiet on the front lines of The Crimea, rest assured the cannons are being prepped to fire, dragoons are being assembled…get ready for a brilliant summer campaign.

First up – an article from The Guardian detailing the changes occurring in the music industry and innovative approaches artists are taking to promote themselves. Davey’s bit is in the middle… but I know you’re going to read the entire article, right? sure you are.

Next is… oh dear…sorry. *sigh* I just can’t get past the photo. Will someone please make sure Davey has ready access to a razor and shaving foam on a semi-regular basis? Joe…? Talking to you. Let’s keep this sort of thing a “one-off”: This Is London’s 12 Bar gig review.

Camden New JournalLastly… a scanned copy of The Camden New Journal, hot off the press today…and technically it is still Thusday over here in the CST. Davey is front page news in lovely drenched splendor from the 48A Waiting Steps video. Don’t miss the great side bar in which the journalist encourages you to miss the birth of your first child to see a Crimea show. Ok, maybe she doesn’t say that exactly. But you could certainly get away with missing the birth of your second child…um, unless you are the mother, of course.
Ok that only leaves one thing. Must figure out how to upload said scan to this thing. CHRISTOPHER!! How do you upload stuff to this thing!!?? It’s not letting me upload!
Oh never mind…here’s a link to the scanned glory – And here’s a link to the web page of the Camden New Journal.