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Get yer 7″s at Townsend Records!

If Leeds’ very own Mama Mia’s deepan 7″ margherita ain’t enough for you (and oh boy, it should be), then you can get your very own 48a Waiting Steps 7″ single right here too. I had the pleasure of collecting 10 of the big boys (for the princley sum of something like £40 I think) straight from Sister Ray Records in London this afternoon. Which is a damn good thing for you lot, as until then that seemed to be the only way of getting one, what with Townsend Records not appearing to have any stock (I do believe SR got the lot), and Sister Ray not listing it on their webstore. But thank god for superfans, eh?

Oh dear, there’s me putting my foot in it again. Townsend Records WILL at last be getting some 48a Waiting Steps 7″ singles in, hopefully early next week, Davey was just hella slow getting them to the kind people there. So if you’ve already ordered from them, or are still wanting a copy, please do check out their website as they are (and have been for many years) the primary online source for many Crimea releases.

That said, I still have a few copies left, so if Townsend Records ever run out there’s a few still available :)