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All A Blur

Jump out of the fifteenth floor
Boldy go where no one’s ever gone before.
Sillouettes that kiss and fall
like little rabbits on the wall.

Now why didn’t I get that 5 years ago? More lyrics after the jump; midnight and I’m bored n that… Ok off to watch 2 pints biscuit rap…

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Feckin Hobos! Christmas gig now 18TH Dec.

Yes, it said 17th a couple days ago. Yes, I already have my train ticket to come back on the 18th. Yes, they suck balls. And yes… this means… Holly gets to see the gig? Oh hang on… you didn’t get them to change it did you hol? Sneaky minx, you owe me a fiver!

Anyway… if you ain’t figured it out yet, The Criema have yet again re-aranged a gig. At least I didn’t travel all the way to Aberystwyth for this one :) Appologies to all those that have arranged anything (as if there’s any fans left… *que tumbleweed*), but the Crimea Christmas Gig at Fortress Studios in London has been moved from Wednesday 17th December 2008 to Thursday 18th December 2008. So if anyone’s doing owt on Thursday, or has somewhere to stay, let me know. Otherwise I’m off to Heathrow to harass some important new arrivals ;)