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See The Crimea. Yesterday.

Long standing supporter my ass. I should kick the lot of em, scoundrels. Not content with forgoing mention of radio and TV appearances aplenty, they’ve now taken to only mentioning where to watch their one and only show of the year the day after they play it. I’d be pissed, but I’m too busy laughing. Couldn’t have made it anyway, but thanks for letting us know eh lads? 🙂

Seriously though, I was expecting a break up e-mail ala Cr.. no. Instead we get two albums and a show (yesterday, you know, like, not today, or tomorrow, yesterday). New track up on the FaceSpacePlace. And a, erm… new website. “Official” an’ everyfink. Yeah yeah. It’ll never have anywhere near as much sarcasm and vitriol of this place. It’ll suck. Like yesterday.

Oh yeah, if you did manage time travel – or just checked their website a few days earlier and were ever so luckily in the right place at the right time – send me pics n shits. I’d say I’d post em up here, but, I once promised that to a guy in 2005. He’s still waiting….

UPDATE: Twat. Twat. And indeed, twat. That post I though said 13th December on the official site mentioning the gig, actually, 13th October. So I’ve been in like a crazey hazey daze for months then… Thanks Joe for pointing out the error of my ways. Next year, I shall be there, come rain or shine (or two feckin months notice) ’tis Crimea time. For now though I’m snowed in so fuck em. No wait maybe just another spin of Milky Bar Kid on the discotequemabob…

OMG OldSkool

the crocketts are back woohoo. they have a gig at the enterprise pub in camden on the 6th of august under the name kernel krok and posibly somewhere in soho on july 27th under the name the crimea.
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Just googling shit. In the real world, erm… it’s raining. Joe had a dog called Hamlet. Andy looks more like E every day. Facebook kills me.

EDIT: fuckit that is E isn’t it? Damn you joe… Still, at least I’m not the only one who was thinking it. Anyone else see a Julz / Jennie from Llamas thing? Or even know who or what Jennie from Llamas is? Oh I’m so 90s…

Key-p on Going

The Keys. Not Dead. Seriously.

Originating from the same Uni Davey came out of, The Keys – formerly Murry The Hump (who’s website also still exists, wow epic 2000 flashback) – could have broken up long ago. Instead, they very recently released their latest EP ‘Le Mans’. Check out the above sites for more, and love the Let Your Soul Be Your Guide demo on the second link.

From the depths of FaceBook

Davey Macmanus:

PLEA 1- sacked yest from the fibre glass factory, need job, will do anything for money
PLEA 2— need person to rent big room in wonderful 2 bedroom house, by canal, camden, small dog one week out of every two,512 per month
ANNOUNCMENT 1– this year i have made the best two records since aled jones walking in the ai…r
ANnouncement 2— I start a nursing degree in March, fucking george clooney yeah

Read more on the ever exciting life of Mr McManus on Facebook. So, nursing degree – odly fitting, I think.

Jesus – Best Tutor Ever.

Rich Carter? Best school tutor ever? “mr cartA rules serious tutor’ness”?!? Didn’t see that one coming did ya. Just watch what you do with that ruler, eh Mr C? Who said mobiles in school were a bad thing. Autograph hunters this way thankyou please. Up next week – Where’s Wally Dan Harris.



Ok even the biggest fans of Davey’s YouTube channel probably passed this one by. So here’s a clip from one of my favourite kids show, The Slammer, no doubt even American immigrant children love this thing, so Hol should’ve spotted it in no time. Surely?

Right. A gothy band partially miming on a kid’s reality fame show. What’s the big deal?

The Crimea – Understand (Demo).mp3

And before you ask, I did check. Bety Curse – Girl With Yellow Hair. ITunes ID3 tag info. Composer: Davey MacManus, Megan Burns & Steve Ludwin.

Fuck me, Davey, you’re semi-famous. Again. Here’s the official vid. Oh boy, this is gonna keep me going for days. Holly, you gotta see this shit. Now where’s your e-mail…

Oh Jesus I really was the last to know wasn’t I? Trust Contact Music to know what they’re doing. Now, how many other of Davey’s songs have been covered by lavishly promoted pop groups?


And there was me thinking 2009 would go by without a peep.


I do remember them being at SXSW with a nice singy lady sometime… though it was last year… apparently it was March this year. And they popped over for a session at KEXP. And they taped it. And here it is:

Last Plane Out Of Saigon. The evolution of Forgotten and something else I’ve, erm… forgotten. Beautiful track.

Summer. The evolution of, Summer. Which I had a demo of in… 200…and… 4? 3? Dear god I feel old.

How To Make You Laugh. Nearly makes you cry.

Good to see the band again. And to see them in a guise oh so close to that of the original Crocketts 20th Century Vikings. Even if only one member of whom is still about. Although I hear Rich had kids and got married or something silly… Anyways. Next up, Davey goes solo. Moves back to Ireland, becomes a celebrated author. Life in reverse. Oh wait there’s more…

You know I shouldn’t go on about the damn Crocketts… So here’s everyone’s favourite ex-Crimea member. If there’s a being on the planet that can play Baby Boom better, Julz’d just find a way to outdo them anyway.

ohhhhhhhh I just saw the epicest thing… ok new post time.

Major Site Update

Ok, you won’t notice anything new, well nothing good anyway. But I’m in the process of updating the blog software here which, until done, is gonna right mess some things up. Like, no Crocketts site for now, no archives page, messed up formatting, etc etc. Luckily I just need to whip a few templates in to shape to fix everything, but until I do it’s prolly best not to do anything like try posting comments incase it causes a rift in the space time continuum or something.

Security Updates

Hey guys, due to some spam nonsense with the account I’ve had to kill all user accounts on here other than my own. Sorry Hol :p For ex-authors, if you still want to post then let me know and I’ll give you my own account details.

For the rest of you, please do not use any email addresses related to, as these are about to be killed off too. Just pop one off to — immortalsoon -=- at -=- gmail — or my hotmail address (old timers should know it…) if you have anything interesting to say.

And if you notice any excess downtime here in the short term – probably due to the above. Now I have to go execute some scripts. Or unexecute them. Or something…


Just spotted this on the forums here… “April 30, 2009. The Field Of Dreams. owen Hopkin”. Hmmm… Any ideas?

Meanwhile, Davey’s recording a new album (title includes words Field and Dream?) and playing at SXSW again, between March 18th and 22nd. Lets just hope nothing blows up this time…