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Key-p on Going

The Keys. Not Dead. Seriously.

Originating from the same Uni Davey came out of, The Keys – formerly Murry The Hump (who’s website also still exists, wow epic 2000 flashback) – could have broken up long ago. Instead, they very recently released their latest EP ‘Le Mans’. Check out the above sites for more, and love the Let Your Soul Be Your Guide demo on the second link.

From the depths of FaceBook

Davey Macmanus:

PLEA 1- sacked yest from the fibre glass factory, need job, will do anything for money
PLEA 2— need person to rent big room in wonderful 2 bedroom house, by canal, camden, small dog one week out of every two,512 per month
ANNOUNCMENT 1– this year i have made the best two records since aled jones walking in the ai…r
ANnouncement 2— I start a nursing degree in March, fucking george clooney yeah

Read more on the ever exciting life of Mr McManus on Facebook. So, nursing degree – odly fitting, I think.

Jesus – Best Tutor Ever.

Rich Carter? Best school tutor ever? “mr cartA rules serious tutor’ness”?!? Didn’t see that one coming did ya. Just watch what you do with that ruler, eh Mr C? Who said mobiles in school were a bad thing. Autograph hunters this way thankyou please. Up next week – Where’s Wally Dan Harris.