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Sticking with the school theme…

Winner of most subvertive use – ever – of Crocketts lyrics, goes to…


…the school teacher who used Billy And The Dragon (off The Crocketts’ first ever EP) to teach Polish kids English. No, it wasn’t the world’s best Science teacher ex-Crox bassist Rich, although the answer isn’t too surprising. Long time Crox fan (Stuart) Denyer gets the honours. View more pics of random Polish kids on his site. So I’m just gonna make my exit here before I type anything even creepier…

All new Crimea, all new bloggin’

Bllogging this from me fancy new iPhone, having to leave my PC alone while it records 4 brand new Crimea tracks off their myspace. Already had to restart twice due to errors, had to spend hours trying to remember how to record from stereo mix too, been half a decade nearly since I last had too. God I feel old. At least my mum no longer reads this site :)

so erm… Links and mp3s once they’re done. Must go, iPhone not too easy to type long message on.

l_5cec9d1729f74d71b2e9bb2a53e3d6441UPDATE: Here they are. Take that, incomprehensible soundcard drivers. All the newer or unreleased stuff from the MySpace page. Tara-tastic. That girl needs some stickers. And do check out the MySpace page, someone’s given it somewhat of a revamp, new pics n everyfink. Even one of Rod MacManus, first time for everything…

Judas Loves You (Rough Mix) – Segways in to Tragedy Rocks at the end, then something else. “There’s no one else like you in the world, all I wanna do is cry…” I’ve heard so many I no longer know which song is which anymore :|
Mid Air Collisions (Rough Mix)
We Stand Alone (Rough Mix)
Petals Open When Reached By Sunlight (MySpace Demo)
The Only Living Boy And Girl (MySpace Demo)