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A Gig! An Actual Gigity-Gig!

And with the usual just-maybe-not-sort-of-quite-in-time notice, here’s the full details:
The Windmill
The Crimea’s biggest, or at least craziest supporter, Matt “Crazy Matt” Stockman has his own record lable (god forbid). And the launch party for Sharabang Music is this Saturday 22nd May, at The Windmill in Brixton, and features our very own Davey putting in an acoustic performance, first publicised one of the year no less. Doors are 2pm, entry is £7, more details in the links below, and hit More for the press release. Oh and, unless you like being covered in beer, then stay away from the short black curly haired dancing man. That, or don’t complain – you were warned ;) . Seriously though, do say hi to Matt if you see him, and give him your best wishes for the lable, I know I would if I was there…
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