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Christmas Gig Media

More to come later today, first is below – …Saigon from the soundcheck, see for more as they come. Apologies in advance for Annie’s big headed bf obscuring the view during gig. I guess we can’t all be tall and handsome.

And I’ll sort out the mess of a live blog below later too, including links to support The Damn Jammage (who were ace, really). Actually, here they are. And this was The Crimea’s female vox for the evening – Mary Turner.

Setlist 101210

So the sound came out great on the wee iPhone. Not so sure about the gig video, but stewhiley got some great 720p HD stuff, all linked below where available.

Last Plane Out Of Saigon
Witches Broom

Loop A Loop | Additional Vid
Last Plane Out Of Saigon
Gazillions of Miniature Violins
Mid Air Collisions
Witches Broom
Requiem Aeternum
Baby Boom

Only Living Boy & Girl (solo) | Additional Vid
Opposite Ends (solo)
Eternal Flame (cover)
Lottery Winners On Acid

Photos of the gig by Dan Aitch @!/album.php?aid=251487&id=698727413 . More from me in the previous post.

Crimea live blog go

Hit more for… Err… More. Crimea live blogging is go. On a site no one uses. Oh well. Excuse the auto spell check on phone. Heres one to start:

15.43 – finding random floors to sleep on. Regular crimea fan friends all pissed off n got jobs or something. Will Joe have remembered to stick me on guestlist? May get locked out of th sold out show if not. Will anyone even understand me through this damn cold?

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