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Foster The Sample?

Foster The People’s Helena Beat, @0.43 & @ 4:10.

If that ain’t sampling Richard Reynolds / Vanden Plas, I’ll eat my Crimea branded t-shirt. Background here (he once remixed Baby Boom, and is a damn nice guy). Amazed I remembered this… Of course, VP prolly sampled it from someone else, surely? Hmm, where’s that demo I had….

Memory Lane – Peak Chart Positions

Well, waste not want not; while I still remember how to log in…

A long long time ago, in a news post far far away, I once mentioned Chart Log UK, who compile peak chart positions for various bands. They only had a couple up back then, but there’s plenty more stats on your favourite band now, so hit more to check em out. Who knew WRG made it so high, as did Host back in the day. Stupid download crap confuses the hell out of me these days though, is there even still a chart left?

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Karma Calling; Victory or Defeat?

13509_largeSilent? Heartless? Dead? No chance.

While this here site is still alive enough to pick up Crimea haters (you’ll never beat mr “Crock o Shite“), El Crimeo have been putting together another Nevermind. Again. Again…. nevermind.

The Crimea – Square Moon

22 track double vinyl, 150 limited releases, pre-order to receive that, the digital download bollocks, and loads of other much nicer physical treats. Like Duke Nukem Forever, the new albums here baby, and promises to suck only half as much! Ok, probably quite a lot less, but inevitably we’ll all be “oh, the demos were better…”, such is the life of Davey Mac.

Actually, most of the tracks are straight off Listen To Seashells, so not too much new, but I promise you Goldmine rocks, as does Stand Alone, tough Jellyfish was better in the demo. Erm… err… yeah…

Gotta go, pre-orders are already down to 147 left. Hit more for the press release while I buy the fucking lot up figure out how to do that mailing list/press release logomabob thingytrip… Wait how do I do more? 😐

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Crimea + Festival = …. Crest…ival…

No no, Vest-ival! Somehow. Anyway…

The Crimea play their first festival in lord knows how long, next Saturday 21st May 2011.

More details at (it’s at that bloke off of tele’s farm thingy). Plus them ones who had that dancy moonlight early 2000’s hit thing. And some no name lady someone who just got in off the popularity of her much more talented brother whatever dj thing. Yeah. Hope they don’t read this any more. Hell, who does? πŸ™‚

And apparently, the man in the know Crazy Matt, says Davey will be “supporting The Damn Jammage on May 19th at the 100 Club, Oxford St”. Sounds about right. Christ, can the world take this much Crimea all in one go? Guess we’ll find out.

And if you can’t wait for the musical madness to begin, seems like half of Australia’s upped and moved over to London for the month, so keep an eye out for any gigs by Lecia or the Hussy Hicks, featuring one time Crimea guitar lead extrodinaire Julz Parker – say from me if you go – she won’t have the faintest but who gives a shit πŸ˜› .


And, could this be the elusive Hannah Fowler? Sure looks like her.

Ok so there’s not much else to do Crox wise these days. Best go update the Crimea news :o)


question mark

And so went my latter high school and college days, typing that ever-so random of URLs for a direct link to ye olde message board. Yes, it’s been long gone for nearly a decade now, but oh how technology does amaze and amuse: Message Board, August 09 2001 Message Board, April 08 2002

Yes, there it is in all it’s early 2000’s crocketty glory – highlights such as “this is all wrong (nim)”, “tra lala (??!!??)”, “i need some one to talk to coz im bored (nim)”, “rice is nice (nim)”, “Adster, what did i do to small kids? (happy bastard)”, “Lucifer, Elspoonio, Pagey & EvilEvlis (penelopE)” and “ill be comming round the mountian (cable)”.

Chimpsky, janey j, random perverts, oh how I miss you so. Even I put an appearance in during July ’01 – “RE: I am in no need of medication (christopher) Tue, 31 Jul – 06:25 PM”. Surely I was wrong.

Sadly, no links to actual post content, but hell, when did that ever matter? And if anyone sees those spoonio lads anywhere, tell them to get the hell back together, I’m still stuck on the EP waiting for the album πŸ™ . Iccceee creeeeaaaammmm RAARRAAHHHHGGHWWEEREIFUGHGHLLLUG. (christopher).

For Lovers of the Dissapeared

Spend a hearty evening with that rarest of sightings, The Crimea in full gig-gig-valentines-gigity mode.

February 14th 2011 @ The Enterprise, Camden, London.
Tickets Here
Or just sneak in whilst no one’s looking like yours truely.

In the meantime, spend your days listening to the new Crimea double-album. What? You ain’t got a copy? Well err… that makes two of us then. But I hear some of you do, so err, get torrenting already! the wait can’t be long for an official release πŸ˜‰ .