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Memory Lane – Peak Chart Positions

Well, waste not want not; while I still remember how to log in…

A long long time ago, in a news post far far away, I once mentioned Chart Log UK, who compile peak chart positions for various bands. They only had a couple up back then, but there’s plenty more stats on your favourite band now, so hit more to check em out. Who knew WRG made it so high, as did Host back in the day. Stupid download crap confuses the hell out of me these days though, is there even still a chart left?

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Karma Calling; Victory or Defeat?

13509_largeSilent? Heartless? Dead? No chance.

While this here site is still alive enough to pick up Crimea haters (you’ll never beat mr “Crock o Shite“), El Crimeo have been putting together another Nevermind. Again. Again…. nevermind.

The Crimea – Square Moon

22 track double vinyl, 150 limited releases, pre-order to receive that, the digital download bollocks, and loads of other much nicer physical treats. Like Duke Nukem Forever, the new albums here baby, and promises to suck only half as much! Ok, probably quite a lot less, but inevitably we’ll all be “oh, the demos were better…”, such is the life of Davey Mac.

Actually, most of the tracks are straight off Listen To Seashells, so not too much new, but I promise you Goldmine rocks, as does Stand Alone, tough Jellyfish was better in the demo. Erm… err… yeah…

Gotta go, pre-orders are already down to 147 left. Hit more for the press release while I buy the fucking lot up figure out how to do that mailing list/press release logomabob thingytrip… Wait how do I do more? :|

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