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As I commented in the comments…

avatars-000007069410-12o8nq-cropHoly. Motherfrigin. Shitbiscuits.

I rarely swear. No really, I make an exception for few things. Stuff Your Cherry Pie being re-released. Owen sitting on the same bench. Hannah Fowler actually existing.

The latter, well… Whilst wading through the surprisingly-little spam since my last visit, one name stands out between Mr Viagra and Drugs-R-Us: Hannah Duncan (ne Fowler).


No seriously, see for yourself:

Apparently there’s photos and stuff to look forward to, so I best get e-mailing, but for now, here’s what the other lot have been up to for the last 15 years:

More @ And if you’re reading this on the Crocketts site you can here some of her (much) older stuff in the player to the right, just hit “Mrs Donnelly (Live Session 1996). Will always get my vote for second best Davey backing vox after Annie (sorry :) ).

I only stop work for one man.

And the day job’s going to hell for an evening.

Davey & Co. are back together for one, two, three, maybe more evenings. Deffinately one though. Upper Hall, London, Thursday 17th May 2012. Here’s the full details from The Crimea (we know it’s just you Owen, who else is a Garath Gates fan?):

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be playing the rather fabulous

Upper Hall at Union Chapel, London
Thursday 17th May 2012

As a pre-orderer of Square Moon your free tickets will, of course, be valid. If you fancy coming along to the gig hit reply to this email with ‘Confirm London’ in the subject line and in the body of the message please say who’ll be coming. e.g. Gareth Gates + 1 – we’ll then add you to our list.

Can we please ask that you reply by Friday 30th March so that we can plan accordingly – We need to know how many dancers to hire, trapezes to set up, pyrotechnics etc.

We are planning on doing a couple of other shows later in the year, in Manchester, Birmingham and/or Cardiff – so if you fancy holding out until we play nearer to your neck of the woods, your tickets will still be valid.

We hope you’re enjoying the record as much as we enjoyed making it, and we’re looking forward to giving the new songs the old live treatment.

The Crimea

Be there or be a square… moon. see what I did there? Oh anyway, I got much more interesting news coming up…