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Crack Me Please

Just like an egg.


7Digital & Warner Bros, in their infinite wisdom, infested this alternate OoA track with DRM. And have since shutdown the servers that allow it to be verified, or any normal drm-stripper to do it’s work – that requires the original key, from the now non-existent server. I did it once, but before multiple formats, lost files, etc. So, basically, no track.

If you have a copy that plays, can get this one playing, or can otherwise circumvent the thing, get in touch. The Kernel demands it ;)

EDIT: Well that didn’t take long. God bless paranoia-enduced over-the-top backup strategies – this comes via a dusty old DVD tucked away on the shelf, marked ARIA BACKUP 12/04/06 – “Aria” being my entire PC as of date, knew I’d have it somewhere ;) .

The Crimea – Out Of Africa.mp3

Excuse the mess.

Mucking about with layouts. Could well mess a few things up. Seems in 10 years screen sizes have expanded a little too much to be useful, so I’m setting a fixed width on the content. This is much harder due to WordPress having updated itself out of compatibility with the template, and me having forgotten how the hell I wrote the HTML back in 2003. Seems OK for now… maybe I’ll finally get round to fixing the non-blog pages too :) (they only need a single header line, but, meh…

Also, if any Crimea fans still exist, and any happen to be HTML / XHTML / PHP / CSS / etc coders, and have enough will and love for the band…. anyone else fancy being official inaudible website tech? You get to have fun with my undocumented code and improve things via WordPress and all manner of Web 1.0 apps?

Just a great photo…

Rod & Davey, nabbed from Davey’s facebook, dunno the photographer but it’s an amazingly artistic shot, straight out a Tarantino…

The Crimea’s Big Background Listening Post

Just what every Crimea fan needs – a big collection of additional related music, however loosely connected. Here’s some great bands that everyone here likes. Everyone being myself. So… basically bands I like. Yeah. Well. If you got anything someone else likes, comment it up and I’ll add them in. For now though, here’s what you should have been listening to over the past 10 years:

Murry The Hump
No Crimea / Crox fan should in their right mind be oblivious to this band. Formed around the same time in the same place (Aber Uni circa 1996), playing similar music and once touted by Blur as bigger than Coldplay (I say bigger, they just thought Coldplay were shit, and were all over “y Hump” as they say in the valleys.) Their debut Songs of Ignorance LP is also the traditional Crimea after-gig chill-out listening album. And when I say traditional, I mean, only I do it. Tradition enough.

Here’s an added bonus of Matt name-checking the crox in Y Cwps bar, before heading in to the topical New Deal (just after Crox were dropped from V2 I do believe).

No direct relation, other than lead singer Scott Andrews is just about the biggest Davey fan I know, besids myself. So much so Davey even features on their album, in Don’t Drive (Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly).

Llama Farmers
They toured with em, shared fans, and most everyone fancied Jenny. The others are still making music under various names, but here’s their best, which I of course want to tell everyone about…

El Spoonio
Well well. The Crox’s very own bitch boys, El Spoonio, were Pagey, Timmy, some other guys, I forget. Not their tracks though, they were great, unforgettable, “the best song(s) ever”. Something like that. I’m sure the lads, wherever they are, won’t mind the promotion of their never-to-be-produced-again EP, the Big Big Fun EP.

El Spoonio – Lubricous.mp3
El Spoonio – Medieval.mp3
El Spoonio – Dead Man.mp3
El Spoonio – Icecream.mp3

The Fish Brothers
Oft. seen sporting their embossed wears, Davey’s general distaste for other’s music in general tends to fall short at The Fish Brothers. I’m not so sure of them myself, but if Davey’s keen, why not.
Davey in Fish Brothers top.

Dusty Springfield
Well, it’s not quite just the Fish Bros. Davey’s other musical love appears to be the wall of sound of Dusty Springfield. A strange man, our Davey, and we love him for it.

A few of the old Crox board fans seemed to like these guys. Here’s one of the most recommended tracks:

Rachel Stamp
Speaking of which, hardly a day passed without these guys being mentioned. Never looked further in to it myself, but… better late than never?

The Hot Puppies
Another not-so-related band, other than also forming in Aberystwyth. Now off having babies and stuff (who isn’t), these are the only other band bar The Crimea I’ve probably ever bothered to go see live. So they must be good.

Project Winterhaven
Once upon a time, a young lady with amazing skills joined an amazing band and made amazing music. Post gig one day, she pulled a beautiful blue sleeved disc from a pouch, and in one fell swoop proved she’d been amazing long before appearing on these shores. If you though Julz was just good for random riffs, here’s an entire album to prove otherwise. Oh how we were once blessed…

Sarah Howells has one of the greatest voices ever. Matched only by some girl who was singing on the pavement outside my house a few days ago (no shit, really). Anyway, Sarah went on to provide vocals on a load of trance releases, but before then she created the Adam Walton recommended Orange Lights, one of my favourite ever tracks When We Danced (skip to 2nd tune in the album app below), and even had our Owen fill in on drums on their first release Subside EP (get that here while you can from some kind bloke who left a directory open :) ).

More Vids etc.

But to start with…


Y U No enter competition? Bleh. You all loosers. Answer was Jam. Jam jam jam! (and bonus cinnamon and raisin bagel). Next gig, who knows. Guess the right answer and you might win something!

Oh and here’s a bigger and better pic of the signed album. Davey = My Hero. Well, him and benton fraser, mr blobby and quincy m.e. . Davey’s possibly the only non-fictional one though, despite my continued belief mr blobby is actually real (clearly shown in this historical image with myself and my sister, see, total real).

Square Moon signed cover.

And yes, more video. 720p of it (whatever that is, CRT forever here). Bad Vibrations by… someone not as quick at uploading as myself. Credit yourself in the comments or whatever, oh mystery filmogropher.

Oh. Em. Chatroom! Gee.

Behold, the old chatroom, multiple spoonios inclued! Yes, this is so old (10th Dec 2000) the screenshot wasn’t even resized due to the minute monitor res of the time. Happy days.

New Old Crocketts Albums

Well, whilst I’m going batshit mental over on with all the new Crimea stuff about, here’s some new, well, old, Crocketts pics turning up on Facebook.

Catriona GettyCatriona Getty has a load of shell-suited shots from the 90s, including what I do believe is one very fresh faced Boz.

Southampton Joiners Setlist, 240900 - Pete ColeA few different pics from Owen’s facebook page by Pete ColeOwen in 2000, the band chilling with everyone’s favourite twin-crox-fans ‘molly-n-polly’ molly and ‘polly-n-molly’ polly, and, well, yeah… All Conquering indeed. Oh to see a setlist like that again…

And there’s a suprisingly large number of old Crox fans suddenly appearing on Davey’s facebook, including comments on the Godvia festival (the only Crox gig I could have ever made myself, and didn’t, curses, but twas meant to be…) and something that lead to a Google search that lead to a website that, despite over 10 years running this site trawling the web for Crox / Crimea related links, seems to have gone undiscovered until yesterday….

An actual Crocketts fanpage/site. Good god have mercy.

God bless you, angelfire (home to this site’s old version). Anyway, said site above by the now much-older Laura Payne includes all manner of goodness including the wonderfully titled, small yet perfectly formed crockography, a small press review from the not-generally-so-generous NME, and yes, even some live pics! Hit more for some sort-of-with-permission copied content, or just hit the previous links for the real thing, until Angelfire finally implodes for good.

Read more »

Inaudible’s Gig Media

Taken by your’s truely, here’s some stuff to start you off with…

After 5 years, another Webshots album :) Featuring larger versions of all the stuff and more from the live blog yesterday.

Here’s my own YouTube playlist, currently with four of my own vids in, more to come as others upload various shakey-phone vids.


Following the official setlist, here’s a to-be-constantly-updated list of tracks, along with additional vids etc. Sorry the audio’s crap, only so much one can do with an iPhone.. Oh for a Line-Out (hint, rae… ;) ).

Listening tip: Tracks are fully ID3d for iTunes, if it sounds crap try putting the equalizer on to Rock, enable any speaker’s bass boost, and try to ignore the clipping….

Soundcheck ( M3U Playlist )
Witches Broom
Mid-Air Collisions
Judas Loves You
Beehive Mind

Gig ( M3U Playlist )
Loop A Loop
Last Plane Out Of Saigon (Sorry for the fade out/in, seems an iPhone quits audio recording if switching apps :( ).
Baby Boom
Mid-Air Collisions – (#lolwut @owen’s cock up. Davey: “We’ve been playing together 17 years…” ;) )
Bad Vibrations – Video Link Here
Beehive Mind
Witches Broom
Judas Loves You – Video Link Here
Requiem Aeternum
Who Knows
How To Make You Laugh
The Only Living Boy And Girl
Famous Blue Raincoat (Acoustic) – Video Link Here
Opposite Ends (Acoustic) – Video Link Here
Lottery Winners On Acid

Background listening ;) Extra fun for the completist.

Bonus 1:
10 years of the Crimea tonight , live at union chapel for one night alone . Accident Emergency just talk to me , Smile if you still can , theres more to life than tequila killers, visions of your name in flowers, Don’t let the bastards get you down, happy fucking birthday soldiers xxxxxx
Davey’s Facebook advertisement included lyrics from Raining Planets, which I promptly confused with Oliver Twisted due to the re-use of riffs / lyrics. Here’s MP3s to both:
The Crimea – Raining Planets (2nd Album Demo)
Full, mastered, album version (with above lyrics) is available free on the Secrets Of The Witching Hour album at
The Crimea – Oliver Twisted (Original Demo)

Bonus 2:
Former Crimea guitar lead Julz Parker totally killing it in this Tragedy Rocks riff, a composition later to be used in Judas Loves You. The rest of the recording is so-so, but for 30 seconds you have probably the finest, most beautifully haunting piece of recorded Crimea guitar wizardry in existence. But I’m biased.
The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks (MS1 Club 2003) – Performed live at the MS1 Club, Cardiff in 2003 for Radio Wales.

Bonus 3:
The original, the fuzziest, the finest – Opposite Ends accoustic demo performed by Dan Harris and Davey Macmanus, sometime around 2000. Thank you V2 Records and the early naughties for crappy DRM, not so much for bitrates.

That “Kicks” Thing…

The KicksOhhh… so they didn’t win the *whoole* of Xfm, just one little song… Ok gotcha.

As detailed on the Xfm website, The Kicks are competition winners Philip McHugh and Jordan Heggie (no wonder they looked as lost as I felt hanging round this massive venue backstage) – who came together to create a single song for said Xfm competition. Their prize, amongst many other things, resulted in a prime slot supporting The Crimea, everyone’s favourite drummer-boy Owen “Which riff is it anyway” Hopkin filling in on drums, plus someone else who’s existence is somewhat unexplainable from myself but anyways…

The full song featuring OH was available on the Xfm site, but has since dissapeared somewhere, so for now you can have the low quality video clip from the gig last night up on YouTube.

Facebook Gig Roundup

FacebookBefore I start uploading my own stuff, here’s what everyone else has added so far to Davey’s facebook page at :

Davey’s own photo album – featuring some nice distance shots, and him with a blokes arm which was promptly dragged halfway across london (something like that) for everyone and their boss to photograph. Oh the lulz… seriously though. D1939′s arm looks even better in real life.
Speaking of which, here’s Dom Murphy’s very own video of Loop a Loop.
Long time fan Rodger Button has plenty of gig shots in his album, including support acts The Kicks and Morton Valence.
And there’s plenty more individual shots showing up on both Davey’s page and Owen’s Facebook page, including quite a few by the wonderful and ever-loyal Dan Aitch.

Live Gig Blog


And heres the kicks, clearly popular with the paps… Some guy from radiostation they now own is introduing them. Something about kebabs. I dunno… Maybe you should just hit to figure out what the hell ths is about. Owen should be up too…



Astonishingly the press are now leaving… Crimea, still band of the forgotten. Long may it reighn :)


Soo pretty :)



Gigs over but plenty of vids n audio to come. Here prolly the only pic though.



Soo…. The young crox fans that mophed in to the old crimea fans have turned in to the young crimea fans who are now also old-ish crimea fans. Where the hell are thr 16 yr olds sneaking in to gigs these days? No one even went for the setlists , damn your enthusiasm :p :) Still, decent set after, as davey recalls, 15 months of nothing. A great acoustic of opposite ends (vid coming soon). First time bad vibrations has been heard in forever. Next gig due september. Sorry for making you all sign stuff again. But geez if you must go producing fuck off huge card vinyl covers… ;) davey stole my pen. Again. Crazy matt was scarily sane. Oh and the press did re appear. Im sure something decentll show up on daveys facebook soon enough. Proper photos, like, not this shit.

And finally, congrats nim, and mininim omg thats like nim backwards twice. Quite fitting. And another two fans wholl never read this. Why we bother eh? Did anyone read this? At all? Ho hum itll look good on the cv etc.

Davey needs better heroes :)


The following day…

Some great audio n vids coming, just listening through it all now. Loads of stuff by others already appearing on davey’s facebook. Will add some bonus background listing too. Who else cant wait til september eh?

Live Blog #2

Testing 1 2…

Y’all there? Hopefully this works better than the last time i tried this live blog shinanigans. WordPress app sure seems easier to use anyway.

Currently on the way down to london town on ye olde eastcoast, postings curtosey gprs. Weather still looks gloomy in the midlands. Listing to old crimea live radio session recordings; forgot how grea Julz was ;) Now cant post shit cos the signals gone…. Lots of yellow flowers n pylons though. Pretty.

Aand signals past gogopostygo


I think i see some sun. :) might not get soaked walking around london afterall. And thx joe for the SC headsup. We can all play guess-that-sandwich-filling again.

Wordpress needs a time stamp tag. Diy liveblog sucks :p. why did the greatness of little blue crunchy thing pass everyone by? Bonus points for guess-that-bagel-filling.


“heads i win…tails you loose”… Too many good crimea songs forgotten too. Speaking of which, forgotten just shuffled onto ipod. Humanity’s loss. This yellow oilseed-rudestuff seems popular. Fields still plastered in it. Gotta get me some – must be in wrong business selling games. Towns looking less characteristic by the mile. Hello generiland.

Parrado / rosevelt amazing too. Norweigian indie somethingorother. Will upload some tracks later cos i know noone ever got them off / napster in the day. Oh and yeah, you are getting like 4 years of blog posts in a day here. Slap that blog back into shape.


Almost in kings x. Gotta go soon. Davy postin old song lyrics over @ his facebook. Back later with more. Remember, sandwich filling guesses in the comments. Winner gets one, if we ever meet…


London looks.. Suprisingly alright. Theres sun too !!! Crimea stalking iminent. Oh gawd i must scare these people sometimes…


Bang on time. Thats it for an hour folls. Off to trot round n get mugged n shanked. Like all the cool kids.



Back doors ftw. Its actually a feckin church too. Erm… Yeah… Time to find a power socket…

Big place. Big and cold. Super gig tip – bring a jumper.



Supposedly 500 people turning up to fill the place. Bagsy back row top floor. Always the best view :) better than back stage anyway…



Plenty of soundcheck tracks recorded :) fun for all the family. Just about finished though. Biiig big place…



Heating is go. Not so much need for coats anymore. Maybe a light summer jacket…


Now for The Kicks to soundcheck. Crimea disappear who knows where, maybe to pray or something. Is it even legal to have a bar in a church? Meh. Maybe some sneaky pics from the stage in a bit. This would probably be pretty cool if anyone were on this blog to see them. Alas, even my mother has deserted the place. Ho hum. Kicks sounding decent. Apparently they won Xfm or something, so joe keeps telling everyone. What theyre gonna do with their own entire radio station, i dunno, silly prize if u ask me ;) whats wrong with a nice cake and sticky bun?


Owen drumming with the kicks. Have i missed something here, or is their regular awol?



I do believe im almost alone in the venue. Oh the fun to be had… :) unless im getting locked in… Erm.. Guys… Guys??!?



Andy’s fancy sparkly stool. Im saying nothing.


Respectively, view from andy’s, owens and daveys places.


And err.. Spoiler.. The all important setlist…



Now that everyones fecked off but the cable tech and tea lady, it’s time for the ever popular guess-that-sandwich-filling game. Again, bonus points for the bagel type.


And found my old crimea stickers n plectrums :)


Now i really must go an charge this phone thingy.


Still nowt but sttaff n band here. As the ozies would say – where the bloody hell are yall?

Will be going silent for much of gig to record the damn thing. Will update once its over though, never fear non-existent blog readers, you hall never be deserted :)


Past seven, guys, doors are open already, where are these 500 already?!? Why am i the only loser to ever turn up on time :/


Ahaaa pobol :) now, mr jon, whythe slackin? Here’s some stage, from the proper angle this time.


This time tomorrow…

We’ll all know the secret to eternal life, or whatever it was that davey promised.

The Crimea’s first gig in whatever it is, 2 years or something stupid, and as always they still have fans, mostly famous ones.

gary lightbody @garysnowpatrol:

The Crimea are doing a show in the Union Chapel on thurs 17th of may if you can make it good people. Great band!

Kelly Jones off of Sterophonics:

Hi folks, if you wanna see one of my all time favourite bands and incredibly gifted lyricists, go to this gig for a total one off show this Thursday 17th May at the Union Chapel in London. The Crimea will paint images in your head you’ll never erase. Kelly

Maybe one or both may even put in an appearance, you know how Kelly likes to show up at gigs. That said, why he’d publicise his presence for all his stalkers elodies fans, I dunno. So anyway, if you’re going, here’s the full line up:

The Kicks
Morton Valence
The Crimea


Well, not quite. 1000 maybe. Yup, this is published post 1000 (technically 1004 if including a few private / deleted test post, and 1247 if you go by URL, I don’t even figure how that works) but, you know, who cares these days… Maybe we’ll hit 9000 in a few centuries :)

And thanks to Joe who’s endless tips on Crimea realated events would have been immensly useful 6 years ago ;) No really, at least there’s one person to come back here for :) Now I’m off to figure out where the hell this chapel place is. Oh for multimap, whatever do the kids use these days? And, in hindsight, 1000 fixed width page may have been useful. Stupid widescreen 2000000 width nonsense. Note to self: make things smaller.

Oh and, Joe, whilst you’re in tip-off mode, what the hell time is everyone due there for soundchecks? Billy the boy-scout bunt here gets in about 6 hours early as ever (never can trust these trains…) and obviously has no friends to hang out with anywhere else. Seriously mr jon, 7pm? wtf? have you got like, a job, or something? Meh… Yeah anyway… Here’s some traditional post-Crimea-gig goodness. Cos it’s always over waaayy too soon.

Crimea Radio Play

BBC Radio Wales In more Crimea related news – yeah, we’re on a roll this month year even, 5 posts already, go me! – The Crimea just got some radio play. God bless Adam Walton. I’m sure I had a photo of him looking 10 years younger somewhere, but I’ll be fecked if I can find it, so here’s an inapropriately outdated Radio Wales logo instead. And the iPlayer link: – skip to 48 mins in. I forget how you download and record these things now, but I’m sure Adam’ll pass on a recording if tis ever required. Though I am still waiting on the “official” recording of the MS1 gig, Adam… ;)

UPDATE: Meh. Had to re-install GoldWave, re-configure my audio recording setup and re-learn my ftp file directory structure but, here you go: Adam Walton on Saigon (050511).mp3

And in less Crimea related news, here’s a running camel. Bwahahahaha… (yeah sorry addicted to youtube tonight :) )

iTunes – A Scary Place

Something randomly made me search iTunes for the first time in forever. What do I find but a distinct lack of crox material (jesus is it too much to ask for anything pre-2000?), and then, this:

Yeeaaaahhhh k. On the other hand, still loving Betty Curse :)

And here’s the original, again, if you missed it last time, whenever the hell that was.