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‘Fear of Sky’ Book

Fear of SkyDavey’s last published book was Unamazing Disgraces in two-thousand-and-agesago. About time for a new one then ;) Here’s the write up:

Fear of Sky is an eBook by Davey, giving a detailed and unique insight into his life as a volunteer nurse at Nyumbani orphanage in Kenya in 2011. Photos, poems and related short stories are also included.

All proceeds will go towards helping Davey to bring harmonicas and other musical instruments to children at an orphanage in Soweto, South Africa where Davey is volunteering Summer 2012.

Your instant download includes a 60 page PDF eBook which can be loaded on to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone or eReader of choice, and an MP3 version of The Crimea track, Out of Africa.

Oh and, it’s now the only place to get the Out of Africa MP3 too, you cheap-os. So get paying and downloading, all for charity see :) . Get it all here:

Fear of Sky Gig

Fear of Sky 2

Over the moon, under the influence…

By popular request (ok, some guy’s tattoo…): More poorly ratioed Youtube vids! Actually, it’s just Stoned, the track that finally gave this site a relatively topical domain name.

Originally heard as a demo track in a video on the old official Warners site (I believe recorded whilst they were in a Warner Bros office in the USA, but idk, total guess), this was recorded sometime mid 2005. As I said, the res is shit on Youtube, so grab the original video instead if you can be bothered.

The Crimea – Down on the

It was then recorded and released as a free download, as a “B-side” to the free Loop-a-Loop download(s). The other B-side was Can’t Forget You Girl, a track based around the melody originally in The Great Unknown (itself on the Tragedy Rocks album ;) ). Clearly a fountain of Crimea knowledge, me. Anyway, MP3s:

The Crimea – Stoned
The Crimea – Can’t Forget You Girl


While Davey’s lyrics had indelibly inked themselves on to many a mind, never quite have they done so much so to man’s own body:

Lyrics Tattoo

I’m proud to say I correctly figured the lyrics from even this small resolution, but for the uneducated, here’s the much larger version, original lyrics on the evidently back-in-fashion MySpace or just formatted by yours truely.

The original, and best Davey ink love though, still goes to D1939 and his arm-o-face-o-doom. Something like that. Watch out, Mr Lyric Man, lest Davey drag you in front of a thousand cameras too.

D1939 Tattoo

Nice to see Davey still sports his much more minimalistic option though ;) So, is that a real tattoo Davey? And are you really gonna let these guys outdo you? ?? :)

Davey Tattoo

If ever there was a time…

…to save a kids life, or just improve it for a while, following the last post is probably fitting.

Fear of Sky Concert part 2.

That’s Davey Macmanus playing a charity gig at Camden Enterprise (you know where it is by now, surely) on 21st June 2012. Tickets here, or just send donations direct to Davey’s bank account (details in these FB comments so long as you’re friends with Davey). Just get that guy some harmonicas already!

Treasure Each Day

Waaayyy back in 2006 I mentioned a release by The Love Bus, released by Felicity Burdett, one of the many talented Gold Coast musicians I heard about through Julz who also happens to feature on lead guitar throughout the album.

It’s a great album, with tracks mostly based around Felicity’s two children Sky & Kayla, though at first I figured she was just going on about some pets or something until I found this out. I’ve never heard someone quite so in love with her kids & family as this – see tracks Daughters, The World, and, well, all of it. Without knowing any of them, the whole album makes you feel an intimate part of their early lives. Anyway, Felicity is also one of my favourite female vocalists ever and it’s an album I still listen to more than most.

Going With The FlowThe whole thing can be purchases below, and I’ve attached a couple tracks for the heck of it. – The entire album for purchase. Do it do it do it :) – Yeah, people had MySpace pages, once…

The Love Bus – Tears Like Waterfalls
The Love Bus – Life Is What You Make It
The Love Bus – Treasure

And that was that. Until earlier today, when a random facebook post and a quick google let to just about the saddest news I’ve ever heard. I’ll let Google break your hearts; I just hope Felicity’s doing ok, I’m sure everyone in Aus is looking after her. *heart* If nothing else, they had the most loving (and, hell, talented) mum ever. As Davey just randomly posted – totally unrelated, I’m sure – “Dear world, why are you so utterly + confusing + demonic + barbed”.