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New, and Old Reviews

Sooo… apparently Last Plane Out Of Saigon had a limited release a while back too. Which would explain all the reviews of it from 2012. Which I think I may have missed. Still, we get there eventually – Room Thirteen, probably The Crimea’s top reviewer (srsly, search em) gave both the original EP and album releases a long review, whilst the imaginatively names Substance Is Meaningless also reviewed the original LPOOS (oh, dear, I didn’t quite expect that. maybe we’ll stick to writing the full name from now on) a review too.

Back to the present day though, and Sloucher manage to include the current Last Plane Out Of Saigon release (yeah, no more toilet jokes eh) in a recent singles roundup. Now I’m off to watch some more ancient Crimea vids. See you next week 🙂 .

While we wait for gigs…

I just stumbled over my old YouTube account, which seems to have just been unblocked by the powers that be (don’t ask…). So anyways, I found plenty of old Crimea vids on it, including the below. If you’ve never snuck in to a Crimea soundcheck before – I say snuck, you just walk in to be fair – here’s your virtual chance to watch, well, not much really. The band getting blinded by lights, and a cameo from sound tech Rae. Jesus no one even swears. Unlike some videos. Sorry for the random editing too, missed the start of one song. So without further ado, Christmas 2006’s soundcheck. Now make sure you get to one during the upcoming shows – I can’t be the only one to piss everyone off all the time 😉 .

Another Blast from the Past

The Keys

Yup, they’re still at it too. Anyone going “who?” must’ve mised the Big Background Listening Post from… about this time last year (damn, it really flies, eh?). Anyways, el-Hump-o topped it off, and their curent incarnation of The Keys are in the middle of a big tour. Hopefully they still play Let Your Soul Be Your Guide (play below), but whatever, if they’re playing near you just get down there eh? And get on their Facebook too cos, you know, thats where all those cool kids are at or whatever the hell they do these days. Ahh the good old days when Holly and Sarah were the only Zuckerbergs required…

Crimea Radio Play

bbc_radio_ulsterFairground favourite Last Plane Out Of Saigon (surely prime contender for next single release) has been doing the rounds on radio – Joe’s been keeping you updated via Twitter but in short, Amazing Radio played them on 2nd May 2013, whilst Radio Ulster’s Rigsy gave em a whirl on Monday and even managed to mention a history of Davey’s (and Owen’s) previous band The Crocketts – listen again here (skip to 1:01:50) or just hit more for the tracklisting.

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