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Radio Wales

Radio Wales

Sheffield Leadmill Live Gig

The following MP3s contain the whole set from The Crimea's gig at the Sheffield Leadmill on 8th June 2007. Use the playlist file to open them all in the correct order, right click and save as if you have problems, and remember they won't be here for long...

Playlist File (.m3u)
01 - Loop A Loop (5.3 MB)
02 - Bad Vibrations (5.5 MB)
03 - Man (5.9 MB)
04 - Gazilions Of Miniature Violins (5.5 MB)
05 - Bombay Sapphire Coma (5.3 MB)
06 - Several Thousand Years Of Talking Nonsense (4.5 MB)
07 - Don't Close Your Eyes On Me (6.1 MB)
08 - White Russain Galaxy (4.8 MB)
09 - Light Brigade (4.1 MB)
10 - Requiem Aeternum (4.6 MB)
11 - Opposite Ends (6.8 MB)
12 - Lottery Winners On Acid (6.4 MB)
13 - Baby Boom (7.3 MB)
14 - Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus (5.2 MB)
15 - Weird (6.7 MB)

Music Response Session

An interview with Davey and three pre-recorded (30 minutes earlier) session tracks from the XFM Music Response show on 23rd May 2007. Listed in order broadcast.

Intro (1.3 MB) -=- Interview One (2.9 MB) -=- Interview Two (3.9 MB)

Music Response

Colin Murray's Album Track Guide

A single MP3 containing recording's of Radio 1 DJ Colin Murray's comments on each SOTWH album track as he plays them on the Black Hole segment of his show throughout early 2007. Well, Requiem Aeternam and Several Thousand Years comments are missing as he played the first one long before the others, and never played the later. Why not download the album for free and listen to each track inbetween comments?

Each seperate song's comments are separated by a 1 second gap, if you open the file in an audio editor like Goldwave you'll see this easily and can make cuts as you wish.

Colin Murray on SOTWH (21.6 MB)

Colin Murray

Radio Wales

Adam Walton on the Album

Adam Walton on his 6th May 07 Radio Wales show talking about the lead SOTWH track and the band's 2003 gig at the MS1 Club in Cardiff. The first song from the gig, Forgotten (discussed during the first MP3) is included below.

Adam on SOTWH (1.9 MB) -=- Forgotten (Live at MS1 Club) (2.8 MB)

Owen Hopkin Album Interview

Crimea drummer Owen Hopkin is interviewed on BBC Radio Five Live's Drive show, 9th May 2007, about the free release of the Secrets Of The Witching Hour album.

Owen Hopkin on Five Live (2.9 MB)

Radio Five Live

Steve Taverner Album Download Interviews

The Crimea's manager Steve Taverner gives interviews to both Ireland's RTE Radio 1 and the BBC's Radio Five Live on the band's decision to give the album away as a free download online.

Interview on Drivetime With Dave, RTE (10.3 MB, 11.20 mins)
Interview on Anita Anand, 5 Live (5.9 MB, 6.27 mins)

Radio Five Live
RTE Radio 1

Dermot O'Leary

The Crimea Live On Radio 2

Here's the interview parts from The Crimea's session with Demot O'Leary on Radio 2, 14th January 2006, and also their cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere".

Interview Part 1 (5.8 MB, 5.18 mins) -=- Interview Part 2 (3.0 MB, 2.45 mins)
Everywhere (4.1 MB, 3.01 mins) -=- Interview Part 3 (617 KB, 0.32 mins)

Davey MacManus on 6 Music's Roundtable

Steve Lamaq's RoundtableThe full recording of Steve Lamacq's Roundtable music review show on 6 Music, 7th January 2006 featuring special guest reviewer Davey MacManus among others giving their thoughts on the week's latest single releases.

MP3 Download (42.6 MB, 62.13 mins)

Davey Interviewed By Colin & Edith

Live on Radio 1 on 6th January 2006 while LWOA was C & E's track of the week.

MP3 Download (3.0 MB, 3.13 mins)

Colin & Edith

6 Music News Report

A short news article on The Crimea that featured on Scott Mills' 6 Music show, 09/11/05.

MP3 Download (1.8 MB, 1.20 mins)

BBC 6 Music

The Making Of Tragedy Rocks

Parts 1 and 2 of the "Making Of Tragedy Rocks" videos released by Warners in November 2005. They were recorded by the band during their recording of Tragedy Rocks in Mississippi. Part 1 features much behind the scenes footage of the actual recording while part 2 features the band enjoying themselves and part of the "Down On The Farm" video available in full on the official site.

Making Of Tragedy Rocks Part 1 (WMV, 17.6 MB, 5.19 mins)

Making Of Tragedy Rocks Part 2 (WMV, 12.3 MB, 3.44 mins)

Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner Mention

A short video clip of the Frank Skinner show, 20/10/05 where, during an interview with McFly, Frank mentioned going to a gig to see The Crimea and saying they were "brilliant".

WMV Download (1.5 MB, 36 secs)

Digital Music Awards Performance

A full video of The Crimea playing Lottery Winners On Acid on the BT Digital Music Awards 2005 (18/10/05) that was broadcast on Channel 4 on 19/10/05. It was chopped out from part 2 of the full awards video stream available via the link below.

Lottery Winners On Acid DMA Video (AVI, 13.7 MB, 4.48 mins)

BT's Full DMA 05 Stream Interview

The interview from the live session The Crimea did for online radio station on 27th September 2005.

MP3 Download (7.0 MB, 7.20 mins)

South By Southwest Video

SXSW's official video of The Crimea playing Exodus, Austin, 18/03/05. Features Clips of White Russian Galaxy, Girl Just Died and Someone's Crying.

MOV Download (31.4 MB, 3.51 mins)

Frank Skinner

Back Seat Driver EPThe Vanden Plas

Baby Boom Remix

Click To Download (MP3, 4.42 mins, 6.5MB)
Remixed by The Vanden Plas for their Back Seat Driver EP in 2004.
Check out or for merch.


Morning Become Eclectic Interview

MP3 Download (5.33 MB, 4.24 mins)

Just the short interview from their KCRW appearance on October 15th, you can listen to the whole session here.

Lottery Winners On Acid
Opposite Ends

Manchester Academy Video Clips

Short video clips with sound taken at Manchester Academy on 5th June 2004 where they supported Ash. Thanks to Jonny on the message board for sending them in, along with all the photos he took that you can view here.

Lottery Winners On Acid Clip (AVI, 12 Secs, 2.6 MB)

Opposite Ends Clip (AVI, 33 Secs, 8.6 MB)

View Gig Photos

Manchester Academy 2

Manchester Academy 2 Vids

Taken during The Crimea's support for The Get Up Kids on 15/04/04, these QuickTime formatted clips by Chris Sheffield are only a few seconds long with no sound but are better quality than the above Ash support vids. To save, right click the link and choose 'save target as'.

Vid 1 - Band Playing (MOV, 15 secs, 4.3 MB) -=- Vid 2 -Davey Swaying (MOV, 15 secs, 4.1 MB)
Vid 3 - Davey Jumping (MOV, 8 secs, 2.3 MB)

Manchester Gig The following five MP3s are taken from the interview The Crimea did with Adam Walton for Radio Wales on 2/5/04. The original interview lasted an hour with five songs inbetween, so the songs have been cut out leaving just the talking.

Part 1 (5 MB) -=- Part 2 (5.8 MB) -=- Part 3 (4.3 MB) -=- Part 4 (3.3 MB) -=- Part 5 (6.1 MB)

SXSW 2004 Interview

SXSWSlideshow Players An edited version of the Texas Checkbook Masacre documentary, broadcast on Radio 1 on 22/03/04. The doc was presented by The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players and featured The Crimea, among other bands, giving thier thoughts on the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. This version has been edited to cut file size by taking out everything other than The Crimea's parts. The full version can still be heard on the Radio 1 website.

MP3 Download (5.9 MB)

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