Dorris Henson's Backstage Pics

The following photos were taken by Wes, drummer for Doris Henson, during their and The Crimea's support tour with Billy Corgan.
The comments are also his, and are all used with permission from his original set of backstage photos at

So here are about half of the pictures I took from our last tour which started with the Travis Morrison Hellfighters and Cataract Camp, and then continued with Billy Corgan and The Crimea. And there are still 160-some pictures here. I'm not gaurunteeing anything here. This is just my photo journey through the last month and a half. I had the best time on this trip and hopefully I can relate some of the experiences through this crude attempt at a photo diary, blog, what have you...

In the underbelly of Earthlink. The girl on the left was very cool, but I think she sort of mauled Billy on his way to his dressing room (correct me if I'm wrong Rhiannon). Regardless, he had a gaurd outside his room at the next 4 shows.

In The Crimea's RV on the way to a bar after the show. By the way, that is Joe (bass) on the left, Owen (drums) on the right. Jamie and I followed Owen's lead and wore our passes in to the bar. They wanted a $5 cover. Owen replied, (insert British accent here) "We just got done opening for fuckin' Billy Corgan! We're not paying a fuckin' cover!" And we didn't.

Davey of The Crimea. And some girl. We'll leave it there. And no, thats not a cigarette in his hand.

Back stage. Keith on the left. The Crimea's soundman. He ended up doing sound for us half the time. (When we played first, he did our sound, second, Billy's soundman Hootsy did it). Keith is awesome. He's Clarky #1 (inside joke...sorry). Matt won't stop calling me "Wezzz" after Keith's Scottish take on my name.

Andy, Joe, Owen, probably up to no good.

Thats Kat and the Crimea guys. Kat is a great friend from KC who flew up for the shows in Chicago. We're at some bar the Crimea guys invited us to. There was a rep from Warner Bros. there and they were picking up the tab. I need to find more of these opportunities.

I'm pretty sure the girl on the left was from Warner Bros. She was cool and, like I said, bought our drinks, which is no small bill when Doris and The Crimea drink together. The girl on the right...I don't know, but I have 20 or so pictures of her. I was a little intoxicated that night.

See, there she is again.

The Crimea dressing room. They always got the bigger/better room. They claimed it was because they had more people with them, but I think there was a conspiracy going on. And there's that girl again.

Late night cab ride. I spent the night in their RV this night.

This is Gandy from the Crimea. Actually its Andy, but they called him Gandy becasue he played guitar and they have two Andy's in the band. Clever, huh?

We had a couple of days off between Houston and San Diego, so The Crimea and ourselves picked up a couple of shows along the way. We played to almost no one, but we had a great time. And the people that were there seemed to dig it. This is in El Paso.

a startled Owen

Mike sat in with The Crimea...if I remember correctly, he played a very saucy solo.

We made Jamie put Joe's tank top on for our set...

Owen and Keith were feeling rather frisky this night. Something to do with a drummer with his back turned to the audience...

Joseph and Carlos. Some random man who was wandering the halls of our motel in the middle of the night while we were partying, and then appeared in the hot tub the next morning. This is at the Mesa Inn Motel in El Paso. I suggest it if you are ever in El Paso. $25 a night.

we are some white ass dudes. and Jamie's hair is rockin'.

These are at some party down the street from the venue. LA parties are so funny. Everyone is just too cool. I took about 40 pictures at this place because it was hilarious to see strangers come up to you and start posing.

Keith and ? Nice shirt though

Crazy Davey

Autograph time. Seriously. At the first show in Atlanta, Joe from The Crimea advised us to go out front after the show and hawk our CD's, adding "Make sure you bring a sharpie." Why? Autographs. I never would have thought. Its fun though. You get to meet and talk to the people who like your music.

Now, what do you think about this hat? Its actually Joe's, but Mike stold it for the evening. I personally think its smashing on Mr. Walker. For all of those of you who agree, please email him and tell him so here

Joe and Justine

Thie was our last night and lets just say these guys (as well as a couple of the Henson clan) were in a very good mood.

Ahh, yes...the one Crimean man I hadn't mentioned yet. This is tour manager Martin. A nice chap, although a little tense sometimes. Seriously, he was fun, even though he totally berated me in San Francisco. But thats ok.

Me and Linda Strawberry. She was very welcoming and coolly calm all the time, which, oddly, was a little unsettling for me. I'm just weird that way. She did do something incredible which was come into our room in Atlanta and tell us how excited she was to be playing with us and how her and Billy were hanging out in his living room when he put our CD on and said that we were the ones he was picking for the tour. That calmed every one down a bit before we played that first show. And she wrote some great things about us on her myspace blog as well. Shes going on tour soon with her own material (which is on her myspace and its really good. Matt Walker plays drums on it too.), so you should definitely check her out. And look, she's beautiful as well. Click here to see her work.

Two drummers and Linda. The Crimea, The Hensons, Brian, Matt, and Linda all went out and partied after the show that night. Sort of a last hoorah. I wish we could have hung out with Brian, Matt, and Linda a little more, as they are very cool, interesting people. But, such is life. We at least all had a good last night together. We ended up going back to Linda's hotel and thats where things get fuzzy. I read in Linda's blog that her room was trashed the next day, so it must have been a good time.

All photos taken by Wes from Doris Henson.