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 2004 John Bown

Davey was born in Dublin to a large family, to date I've found he has one brother and two sisters, Rachael and Annie. In his early years he was a published teen poet and member of the national cross-country team, and later moved to the University Of Wales, Aberystwyth to study Agriculture. After being told by his lecturer that no one ever got a job out of his course, he turned to music for a living and met fellow Crimea member Owen Hopkin while part of the band The Crocketts.

In 2002 Davey and Owen formed The Crimea. Davey is the main lyricist, composer and producer of the band's songs, and also partakes in solo gigs under the name of Kernel Krok. He plays rhythm guitar in The Crimea, and can also play the Accordion and Harmonica.

His favourite bands are said to include Ah-Ha and Dusty Springfield. He was also a fan of the Fish Brothers at one point.

Religiously worshiped, criminally underrated. There's more to Davey than I could ever think of writing here. Shame I can't think of anything right now :o\

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Davey MacManus
Being alone
Talking shit
Men in general
People walking in my flower bed
Cats who killed the bird in the tree outside my window

Davey Quotes

"Beans On Toast is a hard thing to comtemplate for some people, and unfortunately She couldn't make it." (Intro to Girl Just Died.)
"Thursday's a good day to kill your girlfriends, Friday is too." (Intro to Girl Just Died.)
"Man is evil. Woman is good, kind, clever. Disagree with this statement and you are evil, wicked, and stupid."

Biography by Christopher Friend 24/5/04, profile courtesy of Amy Wiseman.