The 45 Club in the Tap n Tin, Chatham (22.2.03)

My first sober Crimea gig (hence the ability to remember events) and certainly enjoyable never the less.

After a brief disappearance into the basement for a quick shearing the lads hit the stage as the new look "Crimean Rebel Motorcycle Club". Joe's words not mine. He also described himself as looking like a "Shoreditch Twat", whatever the hell that is. No offence intended to the wonderful people of Shoreditch I'm sure.

They kicked off with the classic "All Conquering" and immediately Julz's excellent guitar gymnastics were evident; a definite asset to the band and I hope she becomes a permanent member.

Who Knows
Lottery Winners
Tragedy Rocks
Fred Flintstone
La Sinoco
Girl Just Died
Opposite Ends

All were whacked out with relative precision and the crowd was jumping around within no time. I say crowd, really it was about ten people at the front who were ex-Army members or just plain drunk. All good fun. I added my token Jump, Clap, and Whoop and it was all over remarkably quickly as usual with Crimea performances.

Davey seemed to be in a smiley mood throughout the gig for some reason. It may have been mild amusement at his colleagues' new hairdos, as he and Andy had escaped the lynching relatively unscathed. Or perhaps he was just plain happy. Who Knows, anyway it showed through in the whole performance as a band and led to an energetic and enjoyable set.

Things are getting tighter round the edges, they've got a brilliant new lead guitarist, there's another gig next week, and I'm back on the drink. This all looks very promising from my point of view. Bring on next Friday.

Review by Jonathan Birch, 26th February 2003.