The Crimea @ Sheffield Leadmill (26/06/03)

Back in Sheffield, the Crimea are about to play to the biggest crowd I've ever seen at a Crimea gig, though most are there to see headliners Kings Of Leon.

When the band get up on stage, half of the crowd are still more intrested in their drinks rather than listening to the support act. Lottery Winners On Acid is first up and the band look pretty happy together, Julz is going crazy at the far end of the stage like a young Davey once did and Joe's so pleased with the song he starts high fiving Andy once they've finished.

During Forgotten, Davey's doing some weird kinda dancing and Julz is getting on with making the song sound great with some cool solos. After Tragedy Rocks and Davey pulling his guitar halfway up his body, Davey and Julz start a little dance routine during White Russian Galaxy with them both doing a bit of marching together.

The 500+ crowd look to be enjoying themselves, and there's at least two people dancing along to Fred Flintstone. The Miserablist Tango is the quietist song of the set and Davey's deffinately looking a little possesed before moving on to the loudest song of the show, Allah Was Wrong, bringing a couple of jumps from the crowd.

The last song of the eveing was Isobel, with davey seeming to mumble out half the bible before even starting the first verse. The band are cool, Julz rocks, and the songs sound better everytime i hear them.

Review written 15th July 2003. Version 1.0.