Kernal Krok @ The Enterprise (6/8/02)

After freaking out last month, I decide it's better to phone a friend and drag her along to The Enterprise. Me and Bex turn up 3 hours early, so we wonder off down to Safeways passing The Monarch on the way, and getting a glimse of a bright pink poster with The Crinea and September 11th written on it. We purchase custard doughnuts and Haribo *yummy* and it's about 5pm when we're walking back to The Enterprise.

On the other side of the road, there's a guy walking past the pub, and he looks just like Davey. We cross over the road,and Bex said the guy waved at her. So we follow him down the side of the pub, and guess what, Davey Crockett's stood behind as hire van unpacking a load of stuff. It's a little smaller than the old Crox Army tour bus, but it does the job. Bex asks Davey if he needs any help, and he just asks us to watch the van, so we stand there, and I'm thinking this is even better than Davey hitting me in the stomach.

A couple of seconds later Owen and Geoff turn up to unpack more stuff. When Geoff's dissapeared, Bex has the bright idea of telling Owen that I'm the guy who makes the website. I'm not too happy about it, I don't like people taking any notice of me, plus I dunno what to say to him, but Owen seems pretty pleased. He says the website's cool, and says sorry about thinking there was more than just me making the site (which refers to a tiny comment I made at the bottom of this page. He must really visit this site alot. Scary.). He then mentions an email he sent me in the morning (which I didn't get because I was on a train to London) saying that a guy called Kelly was the mystery guest. Having been around The Crocketts for a couple of years, I know the connection between Owen and the Stereophonics, Bex on the other hand is knew to all this Welsh bands stuff.
We offer Owen a doughnut, turns out he's already had one for lunch and isn't too keen on them anymore. Davey comes and unpacks more stuff, talks about how no one knows who the hell they are, and then invites us up to watch them sound check. Geoff reapears and asks us where we've come from. He say's he's come down from Mansfield (I think) and he sounds like he could have an American accent (or it could just be me, I think everyone sounds America). We wait until they've unpacked everything and then follow their nice flat mate Jamie, who's helping them unpack, up the stairs to the acoustic room.

Crox Army crew.

"Chicken..." S.C.
We're now 2 of 7 people in the room, there's a kinda manager guy or something up there, at least he knows who the crox are. Bex says we should go to Safeway to get some disposable cameras, so we run all the way there and back so we don't miss a thing. Ten minutes later and the crocks are still setting stuff up, a guy with a nice Crox Army Crew top comes in to help, and Andy turns up.
The manager guy is talking to Davey about a past gig at somewhere called the Aquarium, Davey remembers a guy with spikey hair, and the manager guy reminds Davey that that was him (it sounded like a strange conversation to me too). Meanwhile Owen has picked up Dan's guitar and is strumming along. He's actually played guitar in the band before, maybe he's practicing for the upcoming electric gigs.
After offering Haribo to most of them (Andy scared me, Davey didn't want any) they start playing. The first song consisted of Davey repeating "Just gonna get laid" or something similar for a while. Maybe he had high hopes for the evening.
Second up was Tragedy Rocks.
The third song was something about traveling way too far, it sounded good anyway.
Fourth was Lottery Winners On Acid, at which point Bex goes to talk to a dashing young fellow by the name of David Celia. A few more peoplpe have turned up now, and I dive on the floor to avoid blocking anyone's view.
Chicken Vs Macho is the last song used for sound check, and Andy starts jiggin his head about. Go Andy.
Bex helps me out again, and runs up to Owen to get him to come over and sign the bag load of CDs and t-shirts I've brought with me and being the decent guy that he is, he gets Geoff and Davey over too, que Davey thanking me immensly for making him write his name 15 times. He say's sorry for his shit writing, he hates signing stuff. Andy's dissapeared, so I wait until I can get him to sign stuff later.

David Celia S.C.

Bex on Owen's kit.
With the Crocketts gone, Jay Smith sound checks, then Dom Taylor. By this time it's about 7pm, and Davey comes in looking for something. As with most things Davey, I dunno what the hell he's going on about but it turns out he wants a pen to write the set lists with, and as I'm the guy who so kindley made him sign loads of things with a nice big permanent marker, he points at me, and I hand it over. He wonders off again, and while David Celia's band sound checks (who sound a bit Moldy Peachy ish, the only lyrics I got being "Nobody knows me, they just ignore me."), we offer doughnuts to the manager guy.
David Celia's band finishes up and comes over to ask us where they can get some food. We point them in the direction of Sainsburys, and they leave. We then take the opportunity of an almost empty room to have some fun. Bex asks the manager guy if it's ok, then we get a couple of cheeky pics of her on Mr Hopkin's instrument of choice. If she wasn't a hell of a drummer herself, I'd have been rather worried.

Soon enough, Nim turns up, and I hand over some more Haribo to her and her brother. Andy also appears, but he looks a bit busy. So with a total of about fifteen people in the room, David Celia starts playing, and is rather good. Just before they finish, Bex gets Andy to come over, and I hand him a bunch of stuff to sign. Being the nutter he is, he signs the top CD cover and trys to fuck off. Somehow I get him to finish the job, during which he asks "What kind of t-shirts are those?". Maybe he's wondering why I'm carying around skinny girls t-shirts, or just isn't too familiar with the band he's just joined, as they're both Crocketts tops.
By the time David Celia's finished, the place is filling up, and me and Bex run to the front of the crowd and sit down.

Bom Taylor

Julz Parker & Jay
The next band were Dom Taylor, and they were the weakest of the evening, but they were only young, and were good anyway (especialy the introduction of one song "This song's about London, and it's shit. ...London. Not the song."). Nim comes and sits down at the front too, and after the band finish, Bex dissapears and leaves me and Nim to watch Jay Smith, who's a pretty good Austrailian singer, and her guitarist (Julia Parker) gets my award for best guitarist/musician of the evening.
They end on a cool song, something about "Please can I have my ball back?". Nim comments on the packed room, and then Bex reapears, and guess who she just bumped into downstairs. Kelly Jones was talking too her, and seemed pleased that the Crocketts were actually playing. I look around in the crowd for him, but I don't see him.
Someone sees me and Nim though, and believing we're crox fans (must have been my crocketts street team shirt), comes over to introduce themselve. Maybe he knew who I was, but soon enough he's asked my name, and is going on about me being the guy from inaudible. He talks about organising a Crox Army trip to Cardiff, dunno if it'll happen though. I also notice how his 'I Want To Tresspass On Your Heathe' shirt makes a nice addition to the guy in the corner with an 'I Want Your Tongue Between Your Teeth' top on.

Davey on acid.

Davey jiggin about.

Andy smokin.
Seconds later, on come the Crox, and everyone's happy, especially Nim who's been complaining most of the evening about having to wait this long for them.
The first song they play is Lottery Winners On Acid, and The Crocketts are back yet again, for another display of kickarse music.
The next song is Blowjob, with Davey going on about torpedoes and a job from nine till five.
After Davey trips up, the distinct sound of Chicken Vs Macho's tune is played by Davey. Matthew dances through most of the song, and I notice a couple of ear plugs in Geoff ears.
Davey introduces the fourth song as "Disaster stands on my doorstep." and the band plays Tragedy Rocks. Then Bex mentions something about the keyboard being broken. At the time, I didn't notice anything wrong with the keyboard, but other people later said it had totally given up on Andy. Anyway, the song sounds good, and at the end of it, Davey ends up in Owens drumkit.
Davey shouts out for a capo before Who Knows, and would you bloody well believe it, Andy lights up, and sits through the song having a cig. Davey on the other hand decides calming down isn't the thing for him, and does that 'whole body shaking/having a fit' thing.
While I'm laughing at Andy, Davey tell's everyone about his social life. "It was a black day. ... It was a black day in my bedroom. ..... It was a black day in my bed." And La Sinoco sounds extremely good.
Number seven is introduced as "I guess I was a little prehistoric punk kid." and you should all know what that means. I jig along to Fred Flintstone, and as far as prehistoric guy's go, there's a short, long haired, scruffy looking one in the audience. Bex points out that it's Kelly Jones, and I try and get a photo.
As this is still a lyrics website, I should point out that Davey's changed the lyrics about indians that I can't work out to "We're just a bunch of bad examples, Just a bunch of bad examples.".
Girl Just Died is next, and sounds really good, with a chorus of "If you wanna see my happy side, better tell me my girl just died."
Closet Heroin is an old song, so everyone recognises it, and sings along with song number nine.
Opposite Ends sounds alot better, maybe I was just alot less freaked out by the whole evening. Andy on the other hand seems like he is, and he's still sat at the keyboard creating a nice smoke effect behind Davey. At the end of the song, Davey says "If I had a heart, I'd thankyou from the bottom of it."
The penultimate song is really good. I'm getting into Dead Alcos Keidneys, Davey is doobeedooing, and at the very end of the song, he decides to headbut the mic. As it's heading straight for me and Nim, we dive out the way. We're saved for certain death by Davey's catch, but I'm a little dazed by a table I knocked my head into.
The last song is I Saw The Lord (written as LORD on the setlist), and after 5 salutes, 3 trips, and 12 songs, the set finishes.

Bex & Kelly Jones
Me and Bex jump up and get a picture of her with Kelly Jones, I totally forget about the set lists, and we rush off to get the train home. We grab something to drink from Burger King and as we sit on the train, we listen to Murry The Hump on the way back to Coventry. We finally make it home at about 2.15am, and a day I will remember for the rest of my life comes to an end.

Review written 8th - 11th August 2002 by Christopher Friend.
Photos by Bex and Christopher Friend .

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