US Tour Diary - October 2004 (Part 2)

11th October 2004

  Sweet Tea Studio
We spent most of the next day driving to Boston. We parked up outside a hotel in some urban wasteland and watched Dodgeball which was brilliant. I bought a superman T-shirt to commemorate the death of Christopher Reeve.

12th October 2004

We rocked up to the strangely named 'T T the Bears' in Boston. Since we had a few hours to kill, Andy (geetar) wandered off to buy some sand-paper and came back with strange tales of being mistaken for Bob Dylan (?) by some old lady who bought him some ginger soup. hmmm. The gig went well although the audience were unfortunately more interested in the Red Sox/Yankees game than the bands. Dusky Silo & Mollycoddle were great and we made pretty good friends wit' them.

13th October 2004

My only previous knowledge of Philidelphia was from the Tom Hanks movie of the same name, so was quite interested to find out some more about it.
The club was called the Khyber Pass and the headliners were VHS or Beta who were pretty good, electro pop, not my cup of tea but I can appreciate it. I made friends with a really generous South African who was so glad that I had given him a copy of our cd that he gave me $100 note and then left. He didn't expect me to sleep with his wife or anything. Anyway I promised myself I'd save the money for something special and then blew it on tequila for everyone.

14th October 2004

We rocked up to New York, said goodbye to Wade, who had been doing our sound, and welcomed back Reay who had come over from London to do our New York shows.
We did a great show for Fader magazine and I drank far too many of the available alcopops and checked into the Chelsea Star Hotel, not to be confused with Mr. Coen's Chelsea Hotel.

15th October 2004

We headed over to the Museum of Television and Radio to do an acoustic session for the LA based KCRW's Nic Harcourt. We were nervous as hell but it all went well. So after a brief interview we headed to Plaid for a Warner Brothers Showcase with the likes of Idiot Pilot (camped up noise duo), The Sun, The Von Bondies and The Mean Reds. It was a great show and we got a great reaction.

16th October 2004

So, off to the sunny East Village for the Filter magazine party at Rothko, it was bit dark and our set was cut a bit short but it was good fun. We celebrated Tav, our manager's birthday and then headed off to the Vice magazine party which was in a massive, empty, white walled warehouse with shitloads of super-trendy New Yorkers. Anyway there were Playboy bunnygirls and loads of bands and more of the aforementioned diabolical alcopops which I seem to have a violent but passionate relationship with. Davey and Guitar Andy talked to Roddy from Idlewild for a bit.

17th October 2004

We said our fond farewells to Andy and Owen who headed down to Mississippi to Sweet Tea Studio. We all wanted to drive down too but we had loads of trouble trying to organise a van that would fit all of us and our gear. Andy Guitar, Davey and I stayed with Linda, our New York manager. So we played x-box until our eyes were square and then konked out..

18th October 2004

We got to the airport at the crack of noon and had to wait two hours for our flight. The staff announced 'we are just waiting while some maintenance is carried out to make the aircraft airworthy, well it is actually airworthy but we have to fill out some forms, you know how it is....' ar.
Anyway we arrived in Atlanta just in time to miss our connecting flight and were told we were being put up in a hotel for the night without our luggage or anything.... nevermind.
We all checked in separately, pretending we didn't know each other and got our own rooms. result!

19th October 2004

Got to the airport at the crack of dawn and luckily caught our flight despite Andy Guitar not waking up to his wake up call, two calls from me and a firm but friendly knock on the door.
So we finally arrived in Oxford and after some initial confusion and helpful directions from a dungaree wearing uni-browed local (we affectionately call shitkickers) we arrived at Sweet tea studios and met Dennis Herring (our producer), Clay Jones (assistant) and Chris Shaw (engineer.) Owen was slightly star-struck as he realised Chris had actually produced some of his favorite records. Let the late nights, fighting, moments of creative genius and naked rehearsing begin...