Other Links

- The late, great John Peel's Radio 1 homepage. One of The Crimea's biggest fans, he had the band in for a session once and played their debut single Lottery Winners On Acid too many times to count. They deffinately owe you one.

- Annie (Davey's sister) MacManus' Radio 1 dance show homepage.

- "The Fly" magazine, which Owen Hopkin was deputy editor of around 2002. Go to the site and register with them to get 11 copies of the mag for 9.99 a year, or get it from one of the Barfly venues.

- Can't find anywhere selling those early Crimea releases? Try online auction site eBay.

- The location for The Crimea's first music vid shoots.

- The current hosting rovider for the site, cheap as you like with loads of storage and bandwidth. Only real negative is the speed.

- Author JT Leroy's official website. Davey's a fan, so he's gotta be good.

- Kerrang! magazine's official site. The band get mentioned in it from time to time.

- The former hosts and current domain name provider for this site, who so far have been very helpful.

- Mono Valley Studios, where The Crimea record their session for Session In Wales and swam in the river.

- Musical instrument and equipment rental, used by The Crimea.

- Home of Adam Walton's Mysical Mystery Tour for Radio Wales. He's another fan of The Crimea and often plays songs by the band.

- London's only real alternative radio station, XFM. Listen online and watch out for Crimea tracks popping up now and again. Davey's sister Annie also has a show on the station so listen out for her too.

Links are in alphabetical order.