Other Bands

Below are details and links on other band you may be intrested in. Most are connected to The Crimea in some way.


Crimea lead guitarist Andy Norton's former band.
http://www.denzel.co.uk - Denzel's official website.

El Spoonio

Based in Felixstowe and now split, this unsigned band were big fans of The Crimea.
http://elspoonio.8k.com - Official El Spoonio site.


Welsh band formed from the reminents of Jylt, Halflight's EP "Subside" features Owen Hopkin on the opening track.
http://www.halflight.info - Halflight's official website.


More Crimea fans, Ist were even rumored to be supporting the band on tour once.
http://www.istianity.co.uk - Official website.

Project Winterhaven

An Austrailian born, London based band fronted by former Crimea lead guitarist Julz Parker.
http://www.projectwinterhaven.com - Project Winterhaven Official Site.

The Call

They supported the band in Leicester and kindly provided photos of the gig for the website.
http://www.thecall.co.uk - The Call's Official Site.

The Darkness

Loved by 60% of The Crimea. Don't believe me? Listen to them then.
Andy: "The darkness are FUCKIN billiant."
Joe: "Hell yes! Give me a D! Give me an 'arkness! What do you have?! Exactly, nuf said."
Owen: "The Darkness are the greatest balls-out rock band of our time."
http://www.thedarknessrock.com - The Darkness' Official Site.

The fallacy
Upcoming London band who love The Crimea.
http://www.thefallacy.co.uk - The Fallacy's official website.

The Fish Brothers

The Fish Brothers are crap. Or so their t-shirts say. But Davey likes them, and a member once joined The Crimea onstage during the Beautiful Days festival.
http://www.thefishbrothers.freeserve.co.uk - The Fish Brothers' official site.

The Vanden Plas

DJ Richard Reynolds aka The Vanden Plas remixed The Crimea's Baby Boom single. And it's pretty darn good.
http://www.thevandenplas.com - The Vanden Plas's official website.